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Quincy Adolphin 

Born on the beautiful Island of St. Maarten Quinn Soular was intrigued and inspired by many musical artists.  He grew up in a small town in a typical Caribbean home surrounded by blues musicians, his passion was ignited. As his love developed for music and devotion to the keyboard instrument he began his journey to being a musician.

With the full support from his parents he began playing in the church and various musical groups making music a huge part of his upbringing.


At the age of 12 Quinn started playing the keyboard and singing realizing his talent was not limited to only a single instrument…that’s when the artist Quinn Soular was created.


Quinn is a pop, R&B singer songwriter who sings songs about love, life and all it has to offer the good and the not so very nice. And just like most modern day artist musicians, he produces his own music allowing you to get the whole Quinn music experience. His inspirations in music are artist such as Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Will I am, Kirk Franklin and producers such as Quincy Jones and Max Martin. Quinn Soular has started his own music production company , QP (Quinn Productions) and is in the process of producing for himself as well  great up and coming talent and a few well know artist too.


Quinn Soular has teamed up with Great Artist Records to bring out his first hit single “Bring It Back”.

Listen to Quinn Soular’s warm voice in combination with his composing qualities, you will feel the need to bob your head, smile and be inspired. He is working hard to present his best in every way so you can feel good.




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